Action Plan

Students will struggle with their academics. I do believe us school stakeholders must meet students where they are to help them improve. In doing so, we must utilize something like this Action Plan to collaborate with them to reach their goal(s).

Action Plan.docx

Active Reading

Active reading is proven to maximize the time and retention of reading text. This sheet outlines some strategies a student can utilize to retain more information. I use this sheet with students who are struggling with school subjects. Whether it is staying focused or remembering dense material, these strategies can help any student read with purpose.

Reading strategies.docx

Goal Getters- Small Group

Goal Getters was a small group, my fieldwork supervisor, at Corvallis Middle School, and I created. The goal of this group was to increase the grades of 6th, 7th. and 8th graders with two or more Ds/Fs by the end of the Fall 2020 semester. It was an 8-week small group program that focused on academic self-regulation and organization. At the end of the program, 80% of participants saw an increase in their grades.

Session 1_ Smart Goals.pptx

SMART Goals Sheet

We know writing down goals increases the possibility of achieving any goal. Therefore, I created this worksheet to assist students to create S.M.A.R.T Goals for whatever they want to accomplish. I typically use this to work with students that have low grades and help them boost the grades.

Goal Setting Strategies.docx

Test Taking Preparation

Taking tests is stressful. That is why I created this worksheet to help students get an edge on exams. I would typically use this as a tier-one intervention when meeting with a class before an upcoming exam like a class final.

Test Taking Strategies.docx