College Signing Day/Season

I attended a College Signing Day Toolkit training hosted by Common App. When given the opportunity, I am prepared to spearhead this program for high school seniors.

2020CollegeSigningDayToolkit (1).pdf

College Tracker

Compton Early College emphasizes the importance of its students pursuing higher education. To ensure no senior was left behind, we created this tracker to keep the most up-to-date status of all college-related items. Due to confidentiality, all names and contact information were erased and blacked out.

Class of 2021 FAFSA _College Apps & Contact Info .xlsx

Financial Aid Checklist

We created this checklist to ensure all Compton Early College Seniors had the materials and documentation needed to apply for financial aid. This was shared via Google Classroom, student emails, personal emails, and parent/guardian emails to ensure they were aware of what was needed.

CEC_Financial Aid Checklist.pdf

Financial Aid One-on-Ones

Many of the students at Compton Early College are First-Generation. To ensure all students submit their financial aid applications, we hosted several workshops starting on this date mentioned in the flyer. This resulted in 100% of Compton Early College seniors submitting their financial aid applications!