Coffee With Counselors

Coffee with Counselors was a series of monthly social/emotional lessons for parents/guardians delivered both in English and Spanish. During the Fall 2020 semester, we presented Building Resilience during COVID-19, Cyber Bullying Awareness, Gratitude, and Healthy Coping Skills. These lessons were also presented to students school-wide.

September 2020 Coffee with Counselors.pptx

College Panel

Many of the students at Compton Early College High School are First-generation. Considering that, I coordinated and facilitated this virtual panel for all Compton Early College students to participate in. The panel composed of 3 scholars: One who completed his Masters, one currently in her Master's program, and one in his undergraduate program.

Lunch Bunch

Distance learning strained the interactions between students and school stakeholders. In an effort to address the socialization concern of all students, we held Lunch Bunches on a weekly basis where we played games, engaged in fun conversations, and held raffles.

Planning for High School

Eighth graders will continue their journey onto high school by the end of the 2020-2021 school year. We shared this Powerpoint to inform students what to expect next Fall. The eighth-graders got a glimpse of A-G classes, GPA, extracurricular activities, and more.

Planning for High School.pptx

Transition to Middle School

Sixth graders were still adjusting themselves from elementary. Distance learning compounded this transition, therefore, we hosted several workshops for parents in English and Spanish to teach them how they can best support their student(s).


Distance learning took a toll on everyone. In an effort to encourage the mental/emotional well-being students and school stakeholders, I created a virtual support room filled with coping skills, guided meditations, live animal feeds, and more.